Runnin’ Down a Dream

This is the second part of a four-part series in which I reflect back on 2016. Links to other parts in this series are at the end of this part.

Christine and I shared a common theme during this time period: Run! And run some more! She was closing in on her first marathon: the Pittsburgh Marathon. I was closing in on half marathon #14: a second crack at the Buffalo Half Marathon.

Early in her running career, Christine said she’d never do a Ragnar Relay mainly because Ragnarians live in a van for three days while completing their epic relay race. Guess what? She’s a Ragnarian. She did the Adirondack Ragnar. She also said she’d never run a marathon. So, when she told me after some serious thought that she wanted to try a marathon, I wasn’t surprised. Not one bit. Christine has become an incredibly strong runner. She trained as best as she possibly could to tackle the 26.2 mile distance. And on May 1st in Pittsburgh, PA, she did it! She’s contemplating a second one. Am I surprised? Not one bit.

pittsburgh1pittsburgh2Top: at Mile 2; Bottom: at the post-race reunion area – DONE!!

May was an interesting month. We had snow in the middle of the month, and just a couple of weeks later, the weather turned incredibly hot and muggy. Little did we know what we were in for. One of the first hot/muggy spells occurred during Memorial Day weekend. As I watched the East Rochester Memorial parade in the relative comfort of a shady sidewalk (it was quite hot in the shade!!), my thoughts were with my friends who were enduring a grueling trail marathon called Sehgahunda. While thinking of them and hoping they all did well, I began to think what lied in store for me the next day for the Buffalo Half Marathon. I’ve raced in hot, muggy weather before, but I usually had the benefit of part of the summer to acclimate. The bulk of my training for the Buffalo Half Marathon occurred during the cold, snowy winter (with a short respite in Florida when I started my training). I felt I trained very well, but knew I would have to accommodate for the weather, which most likely meant forgetting trying to beat two hours. By the halfway mark of that race, I knew I was in survival mode: keep running, but dial back to avoid succumbing to the conditions. I finished in about 2.5 hours. I walked when I had to, but ran most of it. I was satisfied with the outcome for Half #14. I figured the rest of the summer wouldn’t be that hot and muggy…

Photo that appeared in The Buffalo News’ online slideshow;
naturally I had to be chewing on a Gu Chomp at the time…

May featured my daughters playing softball for East Rochester, and my oldest, Sam, receiving the Superintendent’s Award for her artwork that appeared in the Spring art show. Her winning piece, the dragon, would be featured in the 2016-2017 school calendar!

In June, shortly after the end of the school year, I took my kids to their first rock concert, Weezer and Panic! at the Disco, in Canandaigua. I had been a casual fan of Weezer and knew nothing about Panic! at the Disco; my kids were big fans of Panic! and knew very little about Weezer. I was blown away by Panic! (wow!! high octane energy), and I think the girls dug Weezer’s laid-back grooves. It was a great show.

I also completed IDT 590. Below is a link to a PDF of my functional art (and the image I created made the final cut!):


With IDT 590 completed, I moved onto my summer class: IDT 585 Seminar in Emerging Technologies. With this class, I launched this blog, writeguyink. The intent for the class was to write topics about the emerging technologies we were studying and their impact on a professional field (I chose the field I am in: Technical Communication). Despite some challenges, I found this class to be very fulfilling and informative. This class also opened the door to some other opportunities that came up later in 2016.

During this quarter, I logged 225 miles.

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