Welcome to WriteGuyInk: A blog about technical communication, guitar, and life

Who is WriteGuyInk?

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, WriteGuyInk!

Here’s a little Q&A to introduce my blog and myself to you:

For the record, what’s your name?

John Freiberger IV

Where do you live?

I currently live in East Rochester, NY, where I’ve lived since August 1998. I grew up in Macedon, NY, and graduated from Palmyra-Macedon High School in 1989.

What do you do for a living, John?

I’m a technical writer, and I’ve been in this field since 1997. I have written all types of manuals, help files, and release notes. I’ve also created technical illustrations (line art, wiring diagrams, and 3D renderings), training materials, marketing data sheets, software splash screen interfaces, and coordinated translation projects. Prior to technical writing, I was certified to teach English, grades 9-12, in New York State.

Why are you writing this blog?

I went back to graduate school in the Fall 2015. I enrolled in the Information Design and Technology (IDT) program at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. I anticipate graduating in Spring 2018 with a Master’s of Science degree. I started a blog as part of a class I took. Once that class ended, I thought I would continue blogging, but it just didn’t happen. The blog is still up at freiberger4.wordpress.com. As fate would have it, my Summer 2016 class requires a blog, so I’m starting out again, but this time with a much more cool name for my blog (WriteGuyInk)! 😉

That’s neat. What do you plan on blogging about?

I will post blogs that have to do with course assignments (for example, the Summer 2016 class is about emerging technologies, so there will be blog posts about the technologies we are studying and how they may relate/impact/influence Technical Communication).

I will also write about going back to graduate school as someone who is (at the time of this writing) in his mid-40’s, as someone who was new to online learning at the time of enrollment (the IDT program is 100% online), and how I balance school with work, kids, and social life.

Interesting. Will you write about hobbies?

Most likely. I enjoy running, playing guitar, and reading.

I will also write about being a single dad of two wonderful girls who are incredibly smart, artistic, musically inclined, and athletic.

Nice. Are you on any other social media sites? How can someone contact you?

Yes. I’m on Twitter (@writeguyink) and LinkedIn (John Freiberger).